Why Us

Why choose topmed


Our Business Model does not compete with Healthcare providers or Healthcare solution vendors. Instead, we provide the missing part in their business that make them achieve their targets.

We, at Topmed, operate with a unique data-driven business proposition where professionals strive to deploy the Five-in-One strategy. We call it the Empowered Innovation CC-MAP strategy.
Our CC-MAP has been defined to incorporate every element that plays a role as a critical success factor in executing healthcare projects.

Below are the components of the Five-in-One Strategy, Empowered Innovation CC-MAP strategy:
C – Conducting proper methodologies such as ADIAG methodology and ABC costing methodology.
C – Coordinating with the technical and financial teams with proper engagement
M – Management of Big Data starting with; confirming data reliability, data validation and data credibility; ending with creating proper monitoring tools and reporting frameworks.
A – Advising stakeholders in a very customized and data-driven way.
P– Partnership & Alliances with the right partners who are capable of executing the works, whenever required.

At TOPMED, we ensure that all the full CC-MAP components are delivered to clients in each of the services offered. Topmed’s data-driven business model highly emphasizes on enforcing continuous innovations and performance improvement.

Our professional team possess expertise in introducing innovative products and services from time -to -time. The innovative approach help us in serving both Healthcare organizations and Healthcare solution vendors efficiently.