The healthcare property and asset management must reflect the needs of clients and function as an efficient operational resource that facilitates the provision of care. A sound real estate policy and a well-informed perspective on property issues are therefore essential. This requires property specific assessment.

    Property management combines a number of areas of expertise. It demands knowledge of the property market and the requirements of clients, tenants and visitors. It also requires expertise of the building’s technology and structure. Placing clinical aspirations at the centre of decision making process ensures clients have a strong business case and get value for money. It also keeps projects on track, resist compromise on quality and enjoy smoother operation.

    The healthcare property tax and assessment consultants offer a full range of real estate and personal property tax related services and manage them. Property tax is typically the largest cost in property ownership after debt-service. Our team is among the leading healthcare property consultants who have advised our clients on major assessments. Given the magnitude and complexity of property, our professionals provide expertise and guidance in these matters.

    Topmed operates with a distinct approach for property assessment and management using an integrated approach for assessment and management of properties. Topmed works as aconsulting firm especially at the Middle Eastern countries for:

    • Clients intending to venture into buying new facilities.
    • Clients intending to sell or lease with other companies..