Medical tourism provides a wider angle to the medical field by offering affordable and world class
    treatment modules at the leading medical travel destinations.

    Medical tourism includes outsourcing of health services, health tourism, medical and health travel.

    Why opt for medical tourism in MENA?

    – The influx of patients to the Middle Eastern countries has seen a drastic increase. Patients, who used to
    visit well-developed countries like UK or US for their treatments, now prefer cost effective options in

    MENA region. The popularity of medical tourism in Middle East has since changed. The experienced and
    highly professional medical facilitators and tourism agents have played a crucial role in helping the

    patients to engage in medical travel.

    -Affordable medical treatment has attracted many patients from major global destinations.

    – A wide range of treatment options, proven to be a benchmark for the Middle East health service
    providers, has driven the market for Medical Tourism.
    Topmed provides a one-stop solution to all patient needs.

    – We initiate a common platform of communication between the patients, healthcare professionals and

    insurance companies.

    – We ensure patient satisfaction and their safety.

    – We offer health travel at affordable costs without compromising the quality of the service.

    – We work with recognized medical experts or professionals, governments, and insurance companies.

    – We offer accommodation facilities along with all related services including flight reservation, airport
    facilities and even sightseeing.

    – Post-treatment consultation also holds a priority in our service Consortium.

    – We are also committed towards educating our clients regarding medical tourism and all its related