About Us

About Topmed

Topmed is an innovative focused entity that empowers the Healthcare and Wellness Industry; as well as the Medtech Industry, by offering a broad spectrum of Data-Driven professional services.

Topmed is operating as a limited liability company and commenced its operations in 2011 by inaugurating its first office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and soon the company opened its regional office in Dubai, UAE to serve clients within the MENA region.

In other words, We are an innovative company that provides and outsources Data-Driven Professional Services for both Healthcare organizations and Healthcare Solution Vendors. Our Business Model does not compete with Healthcare providers or Healthcare solution vendors. Instead, we provide the missing part in their business that make them achieve their targets.

Our clients include: Saudi German Hospital Group, Middle East Healthcare Company, Gold Gym Chain, Aster Group, Global Business school in affiliation with University of Cambridge, International Healthcare Construction Company and others.

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  • To bring up a paradigm shift in healthcare towards quality improvement based on financial performance progress by creating a unique framework of data-driven professional services.

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  • Progressing humanity by providing and outsourcing unique data-driven professional services in healthcare.

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  • To operate with a unique data-driven business proposition and deploy the Five-in-One strategy (CC-MAP strategy) designed to incorporate every critical success factor in executing projects.

  "We are your innovative partner for success"